Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cross Training...........

Bac to blogging... :)

I know the title is kinda misleading to those naughty minds out there.... never mind i m here to give some points on fitness/exercising and not any contemporary topic.. ;)

Personally i m not one fitness freak or don hv a toned fit body either... but off late hv been recognising the importance of it.. when it cums to day to day activities... being overweight jus doesnt causes you irritation when you wanna buy/wear an outfit tat u like the most (but wont fit u either... ) but also causes various other common side-effect like tiredness, laziness and in some cases depression too......

So read ahead.... look at wat cross-training as a exercise/fintess regime has to offer... and letme know ur thots on it...

Cross-training is also known as conditioning. It involves workout to improve overall performance and is a great way to condition ur various muscle groups.

You probably would have seen a machine with two long handles at the cardio section in a gym..tis is wat is known as a elliptical exercise machine or elliptical bike.. some call it a cross-trainer.. (like me..)

So what exactly is so great about this cross-trainer now???

1. The most important aspect is the reduction of impact. It provides similar type of workout as jogging but without the wear and tear of the joints. If you ever jogged a lot, that too without a pair of good jogging shoes.. becoz of your weight... jogging acctually places a lot of stress on your back and the joints.. tats why most fitness experts recommend cross trainers to people who have a hard-time exercising.

2. Based on the intensity, you may burn more calories with the cross trainer compared to a treadmill or the exerbikes... they can burn 8 to 12 calories per minute.

3. The dual action handle bars uses your whole body., including ur upper body. One can workout without holding the bars as well wherein the abdomen plays a major role to stabilize one's body on the trainer.

4. The cross trainer uses all of the muscles of the lower leg during workout. This well strengthen and build one's lower leg.

5. Another great thing I have discovered is you can move at your own speed comfortably with occasional bursts of high intensity workouts.

6. Lastly and most importantly.. SAFE TO USE. When you stop the machine stops. The speed is determined by your own movement.

For those who are looking for a home gym, cardio equipment , consider this machine.
It comes in manual and power formats. Uses very little power though.
Pretty fine for the pocket, economical to operate and maintain as well.
Becoz of lesser impact there is less wear n tear of the machine as well.
Ideal for overweight and people with chronic knee problem.

I have personally invested in a cross trainer and I am really feeling good to workout on it!