Friday, April 8, 2011

Candles! Colors!! Concepts!!!

Hey buddies... Trust you all are doing gr8 for urselves..

Came across this interesting article in a mag recently...

Plain yet good read for all in my own style.....

Candles just don’t bring light into your life but also gets love, happiness and prosperity with its glow.

Wanna know how..

Just pay a little more attention to the color next time you set out to buy candles...

GREEN: Green is significant for fertility and perenniality. A green candle’s glow brings prosperity, abundance of joy and wealth in life.

If you are looking out for a job or wanna get promoted.. spread the light from a green candle and lighten your life!!

YELLOW: This bright shade symbolizes power, inspiration, memory and intelligence.

If you are looking to win somebody’s heart or wanna become there confidante.. go for yellow!!

RED: This color is renowned for the feeling of love and romance it spreads across people’s lives.

It denotes energy, enthusiasm, health, cheer and happiness. By lighting a red candle one can keep being lazy at bay and get energetic.

Boost up your romance life by going for a red candle!!

GOLDEN: Jus like the way gold glitters, this color adds shine to your life. This color is known to get good luck and mutual affection and love. It also stands for victory and prosperity.

Light a golden candle for love and prosperity in your life!!

BLUE: The very word of blue brings inspiration.

Light a blue candle for mental peace, good wishes and stability!!

ORANGE: The light from an orange candle takes you to the inner world of the soul... moving you out of all the materialistic presence around you.

It gets you full josh in life and makes you an attractive persona. It also symbolizes friendship.

PINK: If you are out looking for good friendship, love and peace in life.. go for a pink candle!!

WHITE: This candle stands for simplicity, purity and faith. It is also significant for peace, security and pity.

It helps soothe and relax your mind if you are amidst an argument or your mind is stuck in a conflict.

AQUA: Denotes the translucent or transparent candles. Boosts your creativity and knowledge.

PURPLE: This denotes respect for others.

No doubt candles are evergreen gifting options.... :)